About Us

Özgü Kumaş was established in 1991 in Istanbul, with long years of experience as a textile fabric, supply and exports company. Following the advancements in textile industry and the needs of customers, Özgü Tekstil increased its power in competition by founding Çağdaş Dokuma factory in 2013 in Denizli.

Our company grows with ongoing investments and confident efforts as a thriving enterprise.

We serve leading brands that pave the way for European and Global fashion with our fast, high quality and trendy fabric production for the ready-to-wear sector and technical fabric production in the field of Technical Textiles.

We are committed to produce innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics for a sustainable fashion industry as a responsibility for our planet.

With our Organic, Recycle, BCI, OEKO, GOTS certificates and EcoVero, Tencel, Modal, Bamboo, Hemp fabric productions, we build a sustainable production process, which is environmentally conscious as well.


Our mission as an innovative and reliable company is to meet all needs of our customers throughout the sector, by producing environmentally friendly, healthy and high-quality fabrics.


To be the leading choice of brands that pioneer the world’s fashion by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground with our innovation and quality.


  • Trust,
  • Honesty,
  • Customer focus,
  • Sustainability,
  • Employee Engagement,
  • Leadership,
  • Occupational Health and Safety,

We export fabrics to various countries and continue to grow by increasing our market share day by day.

We are one of the long-term partners of Schijvens company. The company works with a number of partners from China, Pakistan, UAE, Bangladesh, Morocco, Turkey and Portugal. Özgü Kumaş is a preferred partner for fabric supply in Turkey.